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The standard thrombolytic agent since the mid-1980s has been tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a human protein that directly and efficiently activates plasminogen (the precursor of plasmin, an enzyme that dissolves the fibrin - a white, insoluble fibrous protein - of blood clots) in blood plasma and serum. With all of the research accomplished to date in this area, the time has come to change the treatment paradigm. Here's why >

TSI is developing a unique clot-dissolving treatment regimen modeled on the natural, human thrombolytic system. This sequential therapy uses low doses of two biological activators of clot degradation: tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and HisproUK, a more stable and safer mutant version of prourokinase, or proUK. This novel approach induces rapid clot dissolution using significantly smaller and safer doses than with standard high-dose tPA monotherapy.


Read more and see how this novel treatment regimen works >

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